Do you Bloody Mary? I mean really, really Bloody Mary? We think that a Bloody Mary is one of those cocktails that just works. They work at brunch, during a game, on a nice Sunday afternoon, or just any other time you want something special.

The Bloody Mary has been around since the 1920’s and is truly a “classic” cocktail. It’s origin is [heatedly] disputed around the world.

We Drink Texas have seen and tasted our share of Bloody Mary Cocktails. And we believe we’ve found a jewel of a mix in Papa Scott’s Bloody Mary Mix.

The Color and Appearance

The color is a mixture of red and orange (think tomato and carrot juice mixed). It has lots of pulp and leave your glass covered in a beautiful residue of veggie bits. Big flakes of spices are also floating about. One look tells you this mix is no amateur. It means business.

The Aroma

Tomato, onion, celery, sugar, salt, pepper, and some type of chili. This mix smells (and tastes) good enough to drink right out of the bottle (please don’t ask us how we know).

The Taste

What really stands out for us, isn’t the taste. It’s the finish. Papa Scott’s Bloody Mary Mix tastes exactly like it smells. But the finish…the finish is something special. It lingers, and lingers, and lingers. Nothing tastes artificial or phony. No strange preservative finish. It finishes clean, and strong. The spicyness warms your throat and tummy and reminds you that you just had something delicious in your mouth. That taste and burn makes you crave more. It calls to you from the glass and says “hey you need another sip of me”. This stuff is incredible. We’ve told all our friends, and now we’re making it official here. We love this mix!

The Drink

We mixed our Papa Scott’s Bloody Mary Mix with Bronze Star Vodka from Justice Label Distillery in Sinton Texas, and had ourselves a 100% Texas Bloody Mary. Let that sink in. It all came from Texas, from our neighbors. I don’t know about you, but for us at We Drink Texas, that’s what we are all about.

We kept our cocktail simple. Papa Scott’s Bloody Mary Mix and Bronze Star Vodka for the taste test. But let me tell you. If you only have those two ingredients, then your covered. You don’t need anything else to make a perfect Bloody Mary.

Here’s a link to buy your own and try it for yourself.

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