Meridian Hive Blackberry

Alcohol Content: 6.5% ABV- Draft and Cans

The Review

We tasted the draft and it was served in a tulip glass cold. A very nice way to start.


The mead is a beautiful deep red/maroon color and is clear. No sediment noticed. No head observed.


Medium aroma with strong notes of blackberry, delicate honey and orange.


Medium high sweetness with low bitterness.

Medium high acidity, which really gives this mead a nice crisp bite that is amazingly pleasant.

Perceived sweetness is medium high, and perceived bitterness is low.


Carbonation is low. Body fullness is medium. Astringency is not noticable. Alcohol Presence is medium. Finish length is long and beautiful. Finish quality is excellent.


This mead is just fun. Fun to look at and fun to drink. It should pair with almost anything meat with that bit of acidity. We just can’t say enough about how much we liked it. We think this is a year round go to kind of drink. It should be especially nice for folks that don’t enjoy bitter or sour.


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