About 10 miles as the crow flies from downtown Corpus Christi is the town of Sinton. Just like so many Texas towns, Sinton is absolutely rich in history. It’s named after David Sinton (a wealthy industrialist who was the major shareholder in the Coleman-Fulton Pasture Company). David Sinton was an Irish immigrant and worked his way to the top of his field. We at We Drink Texas believe we have found a spot in Sinton where that spirit lives on.

Justice Label Distillery

Their website says:
“Justice Label was founded by Jason Justice, a Military man that had an idea: bringing the good folks of South Texas his grandfather’s (Papaw) Moonshine. Fully self-funded, Veteran owned, and crafted by his own hand, this ‘shine is a labor of love. Our ‘Shine is a family recipe that has worked its way down from the hills and hollers of West Virginia to South Texas.”

Our Visit

Jack Justice (the owner) wan’t in. He’s in Afghanistan serving our county. We got the tour and tastings from his father in law (an absolute character).

The Still

Justice Label uses hand built equipment that is “a cross between a reflux column and pot still”.

They source all of their ingredients from within the State of Texas. We can’t say enough good things about this. Local supporting local is what We Drink Texas is all about.

The Tastings

During our visit we were offered tastings of everything Justice Label makes, with the exception of “BOUSHAE’S ORANGE LEMONADE” and believe us, it’s a lengthy list. We were treated like family and made to feel so welcome. On to the tasting!

Pawpaws’ Red Hot Shine

Pawpaws’ Red Hot Shine 37,5% ABV 75 Proff :
First off, this is real “Shine” made from corn and cane. Not a neutral spirit with flavor added. No artificial coloring or flavoring.

It is a beautiful light pink color, and has some very fine sediment present.

The Aroma is of corn, sugar, and cinnamon. Absolutely wonderful smelling stuff.

The taste is of very strong cinnamon, and corn liquor, with a nice alcohol and cinnamon finish. Sweet, with little bitterness. Outstanding.

The finish goes on forever.

We love the fact that we now know a “neighbor” that makes real moonshine. I assure you, we’ll be back for more.

Bronze Star Texas Vodka

Bronze Star Texas Vodka 40% ABV 80 Proof

The label states 17x Distilled. Bronze Star Vodka also filtered with a proprietary process that makes it very smooth and easy to drink.

This Vodka is absolutely crystal clear.

The aroma offers no real notes that we pick up on, some alcohol burn on the nose.

The taste is sweet, really sweet and has a hint of some type of fruit note that we can’t put our finger on (we assume its from the corn). It has a nice bite. A little briny.

The finish is delightful.

We have to agree, Bronze Star Vodka is smooth, and very neutral. We encourage you to buy a bottle and see for yourself.

Final Thoughts

We want to thank Justice Label for letting us visit and taste their offerings. They’re a dang nice bunch of folks producing something we love. Here’s a link to their facility.

Justice Label LLC
523 E. Sinton Street
Sinton, TX 78387


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