Bar, Tavern, Pub, Cantina, Saloon, Dive.

These words pretty much describe the same thing. A place where we drink. But what makes us gravitate toward one place more than another? What is it that makes this place “feel” more right to us?

At wedrinktexas we think it’s the sensation of belonging that makes all the difference.

We humans have an instinctive need to develop strong social relationships that nurture us both physically and emotionally. And a place where we gather to drink should fulfill both of these. After all this tends to be the place where we let our guard down and relax a little. We need to choose carefully.

So how does one find that place?

Drinking Local matters.

For starters, [local] in bar talk isn’t the same as [local] in food talk (which can mean hundreds of miles). When looking for a bar to call your own, closer is better, for so many reasons. We believe that in order to form that supportive connection we crave, you gotta look in your neighborhood. If that’s not an option, then just keep close to home/work. It’s a huge plus if the prices are good.

Next, go often. Get to know folks. Let them get to know you. You’ll be amazed at how fast people will come to know your face if you show it enough.

Now that you’ve got your eye on a particular spot, learn the ropes. By that we mean, be a good member of the group of regulars. Learn the rules (official and unofficial), stay inside the behavioural norms for the place, and just be good people. You know, be a do unto others kind of customer. You’ll be surprised how soon fast you become one of the “locals”. And trust us, it’s a feeling worth having.

Finding the right place takes time and effort, and you may have to look for a while till you find the place you want to call “yours”. But we think it’s worth the effort. It’s a nice feeling when you drop into your chair/stool/booth and see familiar faces that are glad to see you.

Now get out there and find your place.


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