Alcohol Content: 8.2% ABV IBU: 23 Draft and Cans

The Review

Our Queen Bee was served draft, in a glass and it was cold.


Queen Bee is an awesome golden orange color. Brilliantly clear with no sediment. Minimal white/cream head that is fleeting.


No off aromas noticed. Aromatic intensity is medium-low. Notes we observed were sugar, pine, herbs, citrus, cilantro, smoke, and wood.


Low sweetness and high bitterness. Low acidity with low perceived sweetness, while the perceived bitterness is also high.


Medium-High carbonation, and a medium body. Astringency is high. Alcohol presence is medium-high. Finish length was long.


Four Corners Brewing Queen Bee Saison is a credit to the style. While some are not fans of the mild funkiness of the saisons in general. Those that love them will love this one. It’s fruity (grapefruit), boozey, and has an awesome long finish. This time of year we really love all things Grapefruit. This beer will pair wonderfully with a salad, funky cheese or smoked meats. This one’s a definite winner.


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