We stopped into Big River Brewery to sample a few of their Seasonal Releases, and are we ever glad we did!

Big River Brewery is a small, friendly kinda place owned and operated by a husband and wife. Believe us, they’ll treat you like family.

They have games, T.V. for the games, and Free Popcorn!

You can sit in the taproom and watch Steve the owner/brewer at work, while his Mrs. takes care of the crowd.

Really awesome local spot.

Here’s what we tried:

  • Orange Kolsch 5.5%. Beautiful light, pale color, cloudy. Light head. Very crisp,and bright. Fruity. Fresh. Interesting highlights. Nicely carbonated, and acidic. Mild. The orange flavor comes through loud and strong. Perfect for late summer/early autumn in South Texas.
  • Pineapple Milkshake DIPA 8.7% Okay, I’m gonna say it, this beer is damned amazing. Big head. Beautiful amber color, ballsy, and so smooth. All at the same time. Hard to believe it’s a DIPA. The balance achieved between hops and malt is impressive. The lactose gives it a wonderful mouthfeel. The pineapple aroma, and taste are wonderful. Lingers wonderfully on the palate with that Big Bite!
  • Passion Fruit, Mango, Peach Sour 5.1% Damn…just damn. Of the flight, this was by far my favorite. Sour beer has been around for centuries, and if you taste this, you’ll know why. The beercraft here is expert level. It’s tangy, and sharp. Tart, but balanced. Easy on the mouth. Zesty. It took me to my youth, and love of sour candy. Super fruity on the nose, and the palette, so sour, but not overly acidic. A must try.
  • Funkin Pumpkin 6.2% Tastes exactly like it sounds. Herby. Roasty. Rich. Almost oaky. Nutty. Silky. Heavy mouthfeel. It’s what pumpkin aspires to be. Great color, wonderful Autumn aroma, that takes you to holidays past. Bravo on this offering.

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Mayra · October 11, 2019 at 2:09 am

Try the Funkin Pumpkin while it’s still in season. Delicious!

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