Dia De Los Muertos is a Celebration of Life!

An Ofrenda

Dia De Los Muertos

  • It’s not the same as Halloween. In some places the celebrations are much larger, and are after Halloween.
  • It originated in Mexico and Central America. Folks in mesoamerica had times they remembered their loved ones, and it’s an idea that has lasted.
  • It’s a Celebration of Life, not death. Those same mesoamericans believed that life and death are all part of the same cycle. So they are both celebrated.
  • The Ofrenda is an important part. An ofrenda is a temporary altar made by families to honor their loved ones. Each one has the elements of water, fire, earth, and wind, and these elements help our loved ones along their journey. Each component is symbolically represented.
  • Flowers and skull are common symbols. Marigolds and sugars skulls abound in the ofrendas and communities celebrating.

Now wasn’t that fun and interesting?

OK, here’s a crazy drink recipe for Dia De Los Muertos.

The Jalapenoback Shot courtesy @mantitlement


1 shot of Tequila 512
1 shot of pickled jalapeño juice
jalapeños for garnish

  1. Pour the shots in two separate shot glasses.
  2. Drink the tequila shot first and follow immediately with the jalapeño juice



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